Welcome to Minecraft Port! We are the home of the Minecraft Port server, a server dedicated to making survival more of a challenge for the seasoned player. Our plethora of custom plugins add amazing aspects to gameplay that are sure to impress!
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Spigot 1.7.9
Minecraft Port has arrived!

The new official minecraft port server is now ready to be played on. Join mc.minecraftport.com for the ultimate, hardcore survival experience.   The idea behind the whole server “rework” was to make it more fun and challenging for players to survive in. Tons of new gameplay mechanics have been added, with the help of custom […]

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Harder Mobs

Tired of being able to easily kill the monsters that roam at night? Creepers not so scary anymore? That's one thing we've fixed. Now, monsters have new abilities, are more dangerous, and depending on what moon is in the sky, much more powerful.


Moon Phases

"What's that? There's a full moon tonight?" That's what you'd say right before you either went home and put on your best gear or set up camp for the night. The phases of the moon now can give the monsters of the night the upper hand. Something about the fuller phases of the moon causes those monsters to gain temporary strength; Something that you should definitely watch out for.



With these extra hardships comes greater reward. Find an extra strong monster? Kill it to take its most prized possession. Find a monster spawner deep in a dungeon? Destroy it for a substantial reward.



The nightly slaughter, as we like to call it, is one of our most readily available challenges which happens nightly. Simply sign up for the hunt to gain points from monster kills and fight your way to the top of the leaderboard. Those with the highest points get the best rewards, but not without a challenge.


New Map

We recently started up a brand new map (bordered at the 2k radius mark) which will allow for plenty of exploration and many new places to build and scavenge for materials. You will also find that, aside from chests, villages and villagers are protected in this map.

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