SkyBlock Map 1.12.2

If you are a player that is looking for a different kind of survival strategy, or something a bit more difficult than the average Minecraft world can offer, then you should try out one of the many variations of the Skyblock Map 1.12.2. This map is very small and simple, and only comes with a few blocks, a chest and a tree. However, that is the aim, as players have to learn to survive with the smallest amount of resources accessible to them. The player ‘wakes up’ on a floating island no bigger than a 5×5 block. There is a chest and a fully grown tree. The player’s first mission is to get wood, like a normal survival world. However, this is the only tree that is given, and so if the player fails to collect a dropping sapling from the decaying leaves, the player will probably have to start again (It may be handy to have a backup of the world ready to load in to Minecraft in case you lose important starting items). Within the chest, the player will find a small amount of watermelon to grow, a block of ice and a bucket of lava as well as a few other essentials. As well as making a farm from the watermelon, the player has to create a ‘Cobblestone Generator’ using the other two items that are very valuable in the Skyblock world. Once the player has the generator set up properly, they can use their wood that was collected and make a pickaxe to start to collect a lot of cobblestone. With this cobblestone, a player can make a decent sized platform so that they don’t fall off and die, and start a farm with dirt collected. From then on, the player has to survive on their own.